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Sterling Silver Hebrew Beads in Bulk, liquidation price

Price: $65 for the entire 117 beads
Item Number: PB1107BULK
These beads are not silver plated.  They are solid silver.  If you have use of them, this is an amazing deal.  There are 117 silver beads left at a value of $380.25.  The liquidation price for all 117 beads is only $65. They are as follows: 3 het, 12 tet, 7 haf or caf, 11 gimmel, 2 nun, 7 aiyn, 4 pay or fay, 6 final fay, 15 tzadik, 3 final tzadik, 10 kof, 1 resh, 15 daled, 5 vov, 6 zayin and 10 tov.

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